Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Engrish lessons

Doesnt get any better than this!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Country style gravy

Went to Nagoya for the weekend... ugly ass city. I like it!

Then went to visit Yuki at her family's house out in the countryside. Spent the rest of the weekend eating and drinking. Thats it. Managed to get a few pictures in between.


Food and more food.

Yuki's Mom just sat in the kitchen the whole time just chefing us up food for like hours straight. Awesome

Bunch of people came over. Could I look more out of place in this picture?

Fisheye fun

Yukis pops came back jolly and plastered. Had me crackin up the whole time.

Doll festival

The house was like a big long ass hallway with rooms on both sides, looked like a hotel.



Went at and kicked back at this over priced but lovely ass cafe on a mountain. Good times.

Feelin that architecture

Oh went I went back to the station their were massive amounts of cops running all over the place with shields and beating sticks. I thought it was a riot or something but apparently some crazy old dude was runnin around with a knife. They caught him, and I managed to get a few pics of them puttin him in the car. Its pretty hard to make out though.

Over all im feelin that Japanese country hospitality. Totallly different than Tokyo. Definately need some more of that...

Monday, March 17, 2008


Rich came to Japan!!

and brought the shocker with him!

Straight off tha plane, barley stoppin to rest, I take him out to packed club in Tokyo. Off to a good start

HAL 3000

Then the randumbness ensued on the streets of Shibuya when we left in the morning

This sketchy dude tried to shake my hand after pissing in a corner. Wasn't havin it, then he struck this pose.

We ended up messing around on HAL's wierd ass bike for like an hour............And I fell on my face

Next day was more laid back. That nigga jetlag was in the building.

Last night out. Eating yakiniku, and apparently HAL's hair

Importing the finer points of american culture for the betterment of society

Party time!!

Good times were had. Come back again soon bro

Back to Kyoto for a minute....

I got in a karate fight with this crazy little old dude on the street

Chillin in the park

My man done got fucked up!!

Every saturday I wake up and do this, go to the park, drink skate drink skate drink skate then drink some more.


Kyoto crew

This kid is one of the best skaters in Japan and he's not even on a team...