Friday, January 25, 2008

Keitai camera magic part II !

I dug deep in the vaults of my oversized Japanese celphone to bring you these random golden nuggets of doo doo...

So yeah,this happens here... alot

Pole dancers! its hard to tell but there's another one at the top glued to the ceiling

You can never have too many T.V.s in your car


Ever see an old man bathing in an oil drum hot tub in the middle of a park at 5am??? now you have!

This is a long story, let's just say, ive got some damaging video footage of this girl...

Yes, not even Japan is safe from Borat, if you buy the DVD it comes in a special box with a neon green Borat mankini!!

New York Hardcore, Big in Japan.

This shit never ceases to crack me up

Oh Johnny Park, you disenchanted lullaby auarora

Dude looks mad hard in that Winnie the Pooh getup

Sweet tranny in McDonalds

Im sure this dog is crying on the inside

its the gay santa biker parade!

Word of advice, dont ever go skating with a whiskey bottle in your hand. You fall, and stuff like this happens

Just your average lucha libre office christmas party

Wall stoppers? What the fuck!? No wallrides here kids!

Karaoke bathroom arent safe no more

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweatin to the oldies

This is my Karaoke joint. Ive been killin this on lately.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What the fuggisyouwearin?

Im bored, got no photos to post so instead, today Im gonna talk about......

This kind if shit.
Mmmmmm, reverse panda clown face, so sexy
Actually these kind of girls have a name
they're called GANGURO
I geuss there used to be alot more of them back in the day, but they're still around, and still creepy.

Yeah, it's not just girls, they got their guy counterparts too!

Less makeup but just as creepy. Actually, way more creepy.

Okay, so..... that's pretty disturbing

Okay, so you got the GANGURO, now it's on to the slightly more normal style we call the GYARU, I guess thats japanese for "Gal" So yeah, these GYARU, actually.....not creepy at all!! Acually, if you go to Shibuya, Tokyo on any given night, probably 90 percent of the girls dress like this. Fake tans, big hair, short skirts, kind of like japanese guidos.

And of course they have their male counterparts too! They're called GYARO, or the real japanese guidos. These guys probably spend more time on their hair and make up than the girls do

See a resemblance?

Okay so then you go to a quiet little place called Harajuku, and you find a whole new class of what the fuckedness. I dont even think they have names for most of these styles.

um...okaaaay. Then you walk down the street to Yoyogi Park and you got the local rockabilly gang dancing away to "footlose", go figure.

Alright, thats it for today. Hope you learned alot. ill be back with part 2 sometime soon